Digitech RP3 Guitar Multi Effects Processor Review

Digitech RP3 Guitar Multi Effects ProcessorThe idea behind preamp multi effect processors is a noble one; offer the consumer a reasonably priced, all in one package that covers all the bases for just about any situation a player might find himself in. But the reality of these units is that they often favor quantity of effects over sound quality. Fortunately, DigiTech’s RP3 goes against this trend. While it has enough goodies to fill several proverbial Christmas stockings, its most impressive attribute is its sound.

The RP3 has 30 factory preset and 30 user programmable presets with fully adjustable parameters. The unit offers two distinct types of distortion: overdrive which is low to medium gain distortion and Grunge which is over the top high gain territory. The distortion can be bypassed at any time, so any of the presets can be used clean or distorted.

In the effects department, the RP3 offers EQ, modulation or pitch shifting, harmony pitch shifting, chorus, flanging, phasing, tremolo, auto planning, delay, compression, wah, gate or swell, reverb, cabinet emulation, adjustable presence control and the pitch bending whammy effects that DigiTech created for its Whammy pedals. The expression pedal also can be used to control the effects parameters in real time.

Other fantastic features the RP3 offers are “jam along” and “learn a lick” both of which let you mix a CD or cassette player with the signal of the RP3. Jam Along lets you play music while Learn a Lick records a passage of music up to 12 seconds long and can play it back as slowly as a 1/4 speed with no change in pitch. This is extremely useful for breaking down fast solos.

The RP3 has a built in chromatic tuner and can be run in mono stereo. The unit runs on a supplied 9.75 VAC wall wart transformer. A headphone jack is included so you can play without pissing off your wife. The RP3 is backed by a one year factory warranty against parts and labor defects though the ruggedly constructed bent steel chassis can certainly take a licking while you keep on picking.
*Note: The Digitech RP3 guitar multi effects processor is no longer in production

End Line:

The DigiTech RP3 is user friendly versatile and fun. Most importantly it sounds amazing. If you are in the market for a preamp multi effects processor definitely try this out.


  1. I need a new or replacement transformer for my Digitec RP3 foorpedal. What can I get that will work and where can I get it? THanks

  2. Tom, I just spoke with someone today about replacement parts for a RP3, for I am considering purchasing one. He told me that one problem with buying an RP3, is that Digitech is no longer making replacement parts for the item, so if you should need a part, or a repair, Digitech doe no longer carry the pieces, you’ll have to find someone to make it up for you. Sorry about your problem

  3. Does anyone know where i can find the adapter for a RP3?I’ve had this pedal for about 9 years and cant find an adapter that will operate it:(Any suggestions?

  4. i have a rp3 multi effects processor yellow can anyone tell me a year this is and what they are worth?thanks…

  5. si por adaptador se refieren a su eliminador, yo lo lleve a una electronica, y me dieron un eliminador de un nintendo yakorama y le adaptaron un plub y qdo listo para usarse, eliminador es de 9v y 1.3 A aunque el eliminador exacto es con 750 ma no le afecta y funciona muy bien ok espero les sirva.

  6. I bought the RP3 from a a pawn shop that didn’t have the directions. I can ONLY get the pre-programmed effects that the former user had set up. Does anyone know how to program it so I have access to ALL the possible sound cominations? OR, can I order the directions or schematic from the company?Thank you.


  7. I love my RP3. Got it new in 1997, and 21 years later, still works great and sounds on par with modern stuff! The only thing missing on the RP3 compared to modern reverb pedals is a “shimmer” sound. I’m finally retiring the RP3 to home use only so I can get a modern version with better reverb effects. I’ll never sell it though! This pedal has been with me since the early days of my playing, and I developed my sound on it. It’s always going to be a part of my arsenal!

  8. Love this unit. Bought it in 2000 back in Stoke before leaving to work in Greece it was half price (£125). It’s superb, sounds great, programmability creates much, much fun. Doesn’t break down (just don’t crunch down on the pedals as if your life depends upon it). Headphone socket works a treat. A great USA product. I run it through a Marshall 80W 8080 Valavestate that I’ve had since 1993 from me Jackson and Epiphone guitars. Bloody good set-up. All the best.

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