Godin Velocity Guitar Review With Video

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Godin’s success with its line of acoustic-electric guitars has overshadowed the company’s ferocious solidbody guitars. Today we review the Godin’s Velocity electric guitar, with its unique High Definition Revoicer feature, affords an opportunity to discover some of the hidden treasures from Canada’s most celebrated guitar manufacturer.

The Velocity is a player’s guitar built on design principles that were popularized by technical luminaries in the Eighties. The Godin’s body is constructed with poplar body wings and a AAA-grade flamed maple top, and a silver-leaf maple core infuses it with crisp attack and beaming highs- The jumbo frets encourage a lighter touch and increase overall volume, while Godin’s heavily rolled “Ergocut” fretboard edges make for left-hand comfort, particularly for players who wrap their thumbs over the neck. Some hardcore rockers may see the six-bolt vintage-style bridge and wonder why the guitar doesn’t have a Floyd Rose, but the answer will be evident when they hear the Velocity’s open tone and jangly single-coil rumble.

Godin placed its own GS1 single-coils in the Velocity and let a classic Seymour Duncan SH-5 humbucker take the screaming lead chores. The rather innocuous-looking black pushbutton between the volume and tone knobs activates Godin’s exciting High Definition Revoicer circuit This key feature switches the pickups seamlessly between active and passive operation and greatly increases the Velocity’s range of tones.

Treble didn’t explode through the Velocity’s passive clean tones. Rather, it chimed with a soothing resonance and accord, very similar to Jeff Baxter’s tones on classic Doobie Brothers recordings. The Revoicer’s active setting acts like a transparent harmonic accelerator and provides the impression of more musical energy and sustain. Driving the single-coils, it got me closer to Texas blues country but without the hearty midrange emphasis. When paired with the Duncan humbucker and a high level of Marshall-created gain, Godin’s H.D.R. transformed the tone from classic Eddie brown to wild Zakk black tone. Pinch harmonics were exaggerated, and the Velocity’s sparkling chime turned to a greasy sizzle.

Godin’s retro-hot Velocity is a serious contender for best value in a rock machine. The maple-core body and popular sides produce a balanced treble spectrum, and the High Definition Revoicer switch instantly changes the pickups from passive to active. Rock on, Canada!

Godin Velocity Guitar Review

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