Gibson Hendrix Strat – Operation: Cover-Up

Alien Guitar PlayerRemember those old science fiction films where the government engages in massive cover-ups, like Hangar 18, for example.

–Or like the movie “Men In Black” when the secret government sends in two slick dressed men in black, and the notable gadget called the ‘Memory Eraser’ that the agents used to erase anyone’s recent memory who witnessed any alien interaction.

Gibson’s Hendrix Strat is nearly the same, but it’s not fiction, it’s fact. Apparently the guitar company felt the heat from the people which resulted to, perhaps, a massive cover-up. As quick as you can say “GONE“, the guitar and any of it’s evidence has vanished into thin air.

When we tried to contact Gibson about the Hendrix Strat, I felt as if I was talking to a CIA agent. Deceptively, Gibson isn’t telling anything. Their don’t ask–don’t tell policy feels like that a corrupt politician would use. I wonder how many journalists have called Gibson to inquire about the current status of Hendrix Strat? My guess is a lot. Why are they not open and honest about it?

We here at Gear-Vault did not stop there, we continued to be persistent and even attempted to contacted them several times on Twitter, after all, Gibson was proud to announce the all-new Gibson Hendrix Strat some 3-weeks ago on Twitter–Gibson even posted images of the Hendrix Strat being constructed in the overseas Gibson factory–the images were quickly deleted off Gibson’s website, along with hundreds of peoples’ outraged comments.

It’s becoming clear that Gibson has abandoned the Gibson Hendrix Strat in which they collaborated with Authentic Hendrix LLC. Was there threats of a lawsuit from Fender Guitars? Did Gibson feel the pressure from the public, or did Gibson decide that there was no integrity in making a fake Strat copy, while claiming this is the guitar Hendrix would play if he were alive today? I guess we’ll never know.
This ship has sunk–or has it?


  1. This flop will go down in history as the Titanic maiden voyage of the guitar world.When I heard there was a Jimi Hendrix piano also I seriously thought it was a joke.Henry J. has outdone himself on this one,I hope that now Jimi can stop spinning in his grave,

  2. As many times as Gibson has sued other guitar makers 4 copying their ideas&guitars,it really shows BOTH FACES of what they are!Look at their guitar prices&it shows how they are money grubbers&have 4got how they got where they are, the average musician!

  3. Jimi is rolling over in his grave!How money hungry is Gibson?Look at their prices!The Hendrix family& Fender needs 2 settle their dispute&do it the right way,like Jimi probably would!He was all about his music,NOT MONEY!At least honor him in the right way

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