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Gibson Hendrix Strat – The Follow Up News

Jimi Hendrix Estate found (and all our posts), and read how horrible of an idea it was for Gibson Guitars to produce a Jimi Hendrix Signature guitar. Glad they found Gear-Vault to see your comments! Without you, the readers and commentators on G-V, disaster could have happened! We’ll just mark this one down as ‘saving the Hendrix heritage!’ and how we stood together. Thanks readers! […]

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Gibson Hendrix Strat – Operation: Cover-Up

It wasn’t long ago when Gibson teamed up with Hendrix’s family to re-create the Hendrix strat model. People were outraged and showed their displeasure with the notion. Since then, Gibson Guitars pulled the plug on the Hendrix Strat Pack guitar… and for good reason. It was pretty tasteless. I am all for Gibby making a Flying V to honor Mr. Jimi Hendrix! […]