Carvin SH550 Guitar

Kiesel Carvin SH550 Electric Guitar Review

Carvin SH550 AAAA flamed maple is the standard top, yes, we said “AAAA“ maple top, and unlike most “archtop” style guitars, the SH550 features an actual carved top. In addition, you can also choose an optional AAAA quilted maple top or a flamed koa top […]

Vintage Guitars vs Just Plain Old Guitars 1

Vintage Guitars vs Just Plain Old Guitars

There is a lot of fuss made in the guitar community about so-called ‘vintage’ guitars, ‘vintage’ being another word for ‘old’. There is a certain part of our world that longs to play a 30-, 40-, or even 50-year-old guitar or bass for a variety of reasons. […]

BB King

B.B. King Lets the Good Times Roll

The music works best when King least literal in his tribute. Much of the still-vibrant quality of Jordan’s recordings lies in the innocently sly charm of his rapid-fire delivery, and King gets a little breathless at times when going word for word with the original. He does a creditable job on “Beware, Brother, Beware,” reminding us that rap was alive and well […]

Getting The Most Out Of Guitar Lessons 2
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Getting The Most Out Of Guitar Lessons

Many guitar players of all levels consider taking guitar lessons. Lessons can be a wonderful thing and can move a student quickly along their musical path, very often at a much faster rate than independent […]