Randall G3 Plus Series RH150 Guitar Amp Blowout

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Randall G3 Plus RH150

I usually don’t announce insane deals found online, but this one is too good not to pass along. is having a rocktober blow-out for the Randall G3 Plus RH150 and RH300 at 50% off (w/ free shipping). This is an amazing deal if you’re in the market for a nice mid-range amplifier. Would also make for a great back up if your an active gigging musician. I don’t know how many of these they have in stock or how long this sale is going on for, so you may want to hurry. $300 for this amp is a steal!

[scroll down to the bottom of the page to see videos of the Randall G3 in action]

Go to to see if the amp is still available–Hurry!

About the Randall G3 GH150 Plus

The Randall G3 GH150GPLUS is a beefy amp head that features 150W and Randall’s very effective Valve-Dynamic power. Two channels with 3 modes give you plenty of tones to choose from. And you can tweak them just the way you want with voicing and contour controls, built-in spring reverb, and a series effects loop to connect your favorite stomp boxes. An included MIDI foot controller gives you handsfree command over lots of features.

The G3 series becomes more intense and aggressive with a completely redesigned preamp circuit, introducing G3 Plus. Randall took the tone circuit of their premier V2 and T2 amplifiers and installed it in the G3 Plus models to provide an even higher level of performance without the costs of a high end amplifier. With a menacing new semi-gloss black finish, G3 Plus also looks as mean as it sounds.

The Power of Valve-Dynamic.

Breaking the tone barrier between Tube and FET has been a challenge to most amp designers for a long time. But, during the recent development of the V2 and T2, Randall made several ground breaking discoveries that allowed them to narrow in as to why tube power reacts and feels so much differently than a traditional solid-state power amp. Those discoveries resulted in the revolutionary “Valve-Dynamic” power section.

Incorporating a single 12AT7 tube to drive a large MOSFET output circuit, this highly advanced power circuit has a natural compression that clips extremely softly at higher volumes reacting very much like a traditional power tube. The key this circuit was capturing the true frequency response curve of a power tube. Randall’s Valve-Dynamic circuit not only captures a tube’s reactive qualities, but also the warmth, feel, and musical character of full-tube power amp, but with the durability and reliability of a MOSFET power amplifier.

Randall G3 RH150

Randall RH300 Plus

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