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Fender Classic Volume Tone, Phaser and Fuzz-Wah Pedal Review

This Fender Phaser Effect Pedal from the Classics Series adds versatility to your sound with a few easy knobs.
Rate–This knob controls the rate at which the phase shifting occurs. The rate control knob alternately illuminates blue and red at the same rate as the phase shifting.

Intensity–This knob adjusts the intensity of the Phasing effect.

Frequency–This knob adjusts what frequencies are affected by the phasing action. Fully counter-clockwise causes the bass frequencies to be affected most by the phasing action, fully clockwise causes the treble frequencies to be most affected by the phasing action.

Bypass Switch–A “true-bypass” of the phaser effect. Turns the phasing effect on-off.

Output Jack–Connect to the input of your amplifier (or other audio device).

Input jack–Plug your guitar (or other audio source) in here. Unplug the input plug from this jack to turn off the device and save power (very important) when not in use. […]

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History of the Dunlop Crybaby Wah Guitar Pedal

Wah-wah—it didn’t take long for every guitarist, producer, and soundtrack composer to realize that they needed that sound. The early days of way production, however, were fraught with inconsistent components and a fundamental misunderstanding of the rigors a pedal would go through in the rock and funk worlds […]

Fender Classic Series Volume, Volume-Tone, Phaser and Fuzz-Wah pedals
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Fender Classic Fuzz Wah Reissue Pedal

There are few Fender products with as much “indie cred” as the Fender Blender. Once thought of as an overly harsh fuzz pedal, the Blender, thanks to players like Billy Corgan of Smashing Pumpkins and […]

how does a Wah guitar pedal work

How Does A Wah-Wah Pedal Work?

The wah-wah guitar pedal is based on a simple concept but its effect is far more dramatic. Using a powerful filter to sweep through a broad frequency spectrum, the wah pedal boosts and exaggerates specific tones. Creating sounds that range from thick, flubbery bass to scratchy, stinging treble […]

snarling dog guitar pedals

Snarling Dogs Pedals – Wah to the Bone

Charlie Stringer, who passed away in 1999, had a reputation as to what Jerry Springer has to day-time talk shows—loud, controversial and whole lot of fun. Like your ex-girlfriend’s transsexual lesbian lover, his Snarling Dogs […]