Peavey Transferx Pro 212 review

Peavey Transfex Pro – An Oldie But Goodie

Remember that one amp you had? Sure, you’ve finally upgraded to a full tube head or something that’s a little more professional, but there was something about that one that you’ve forgotten that you still miss. That amp for me is the secret gem that Peavey contrived in 1997, the Transfex Pro 120. […]

Peavey Guitar Amplifiers

History of Peavey Guitars

Peavey may not have the most recognizable or distinct guitar models, but they’re still among one of the most popular amplifier and electronics manufacturers to date. The company is native to the state of Mississippi […]

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Peavey PXD Odyssey Guitars

The Peavey PXD Odyssey I and II are single-cut guitars that capture the aggression and attitude of modern metal players. The Odyssey II features EMG 60 and 81 pickups with the EMG-AB Afterburner tone circuit – which boosts input gain up to 20 dB for incredible amounts of saturation – on a mahogany body with a set mahogany neck and rosewood fretboard. […]

high gain peavey amplifier

Peavey High-Gain Amplifiers

Peavey amps are known for dependability, affordability, and monstrous tone. The combination of these factors make Peavey a great choice, regardless of your skill level. […]

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Peavey Live Sound PA Equipment

Buying a PA system for your rehearsal space or gigs once required that you purchase a mixer, a power amp, an outboard reverb unit, microphone preamps with phantom power and maybe even an equalizer to […]