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Easy Guitar Songs You Should Know

Sooner or later a time comes for anyone who has just learned to play the guitar. It’s time to choose a few songs that are not that demanding (considering your small amount of experience), but […]


Van Halen Back This Time?

All is forgiven. The cheesy keyboards on “Jump”. The parachute pants and bandanas. The entire Sammy Hagar experience. Gary Fucking Cherone. All is forgotten. Steve Vai’s heart-shaped triple-neck guitar. The porno-flick soundtrack. Valerie Bertinelli. Chickenfoot. […]

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Cool Song: Kyng – ‘Falling Down’

Kyng is all about heavy riffs and a good melody. ‘Falling Down‘ brings just that! Known as the “California Heavy” sound. “Can’t wait to unleash this to the universe and beyond,” Veliz says about the […]