Fender Authentic Les Paul Standard

Fender ‘Authentic’ Les Paul Standard

Only in the world of “Charlie and The Chocolate Factory” would the guitar-world have such craziness and drama, right? Wrong! We are all too familiar with the recent debacle the past few days–the ongoing internet […]

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Agile AL Series Guitars – Les Paul Style

Agile Guitars are quickly building a reputation for high-quality instruments at super-affordable prices. One of their best offerings is the AL Series, which are classic-looking, vintage-approved Les Paul/Singlecut-style guitars that pack a lot of bang […]

Gibson Les Paul Junior

Gibson Les Paul Junior Vintage Guitars

Nearly a quarter century before Edward Van Halen brought the idea of the single-pickup solid body guitar screaming into the Eighties, Gibson stumbled upon the fact that a solid slab of wood with one burly-ass […]

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Gibson Les Paul Standard Guitar

Introducing Gibson USA-made Les Paul Standard—an elegant revision of a true legendary crafted instrument, featuring some impressive upgrades over the original model, making this axe even a sweeter player; perhaps the best Les Paul Standard […]