Ibanez JS2PRM Chromeboy Joe Satriani Guitar Photo Gallery

Featured images of a rare Ibanez JS2PRM (Premium Rock Mirror) Joe Satriani Chromeboy. This guitar is the real deal and was not cheap – Read more info on the Ibanez JS2PRM Chromeboy

Here is the JS2PRM in the original box

ibanez js2prm box and case

ibanez js2prm box and guitar case

This is the store price tag when the guitar was new at the store $5,329.99

ibanez js2prm label

The silver/chrome case

ibanez js2prm guitar case

See the silver liner and the bling-bling 🙂

ibanez js2prm electric guitar in guitar case

The official Ibanez JS2PRM Inspection Card

ibanez js2prm chromeboy electric guitar inspection cardInspection Card – Made in Japan — July 21st, 2005

ibanez js2prm tkl guitar label

Instructions how to attach the “Protective Pick Guard”

ibanez js2prm electric guitar owners manual

ibanez js2prm tkl guitar case cardTwo whammy bars and a bunch of extra nylon clips

ibanez js2prm electric guitar whammy bar

This is the XX page manual

ibanez js2prm chromeboy guitar manual

This is the “Protective Pick Guard” – never been stuck on. Still new!

ibanez js2prm chromeboy clean pickguard

This is the Ibanez chrome guitar stand

ibanez js2prm electric guitar stand chromeboy

Warranty Card

ibanez js2prm guitar limited warranty card

W/ the JS2PRM serial numbers

ibanez js2prm rolling stone card

Superior Craftsmanship only Joe Satriani Would Approve

ibanez js2prm guitar neck and headstock

Shiny Ibanez JS Series Headstock

ibanez js2prm electric guitar headstock

Double Locking Clamps at the Neck

ibanez js2prm electric guitar fretboard

Look At This Guitars Frets

ibanez js2prm chromeboy fretboard

Such Pretty Abalone Inlays

ibanez js2prm guitar chromeboy fretboard

The Guitar Sitting In Its Case

ibanez js2prm electric guitar and case

It’s really hard to take photos of the JS2PRM with all the chrome

ibanez js2prm guitar body chromeboy

Ibanez JS Series Neck

ibanez js2prm guitar right shot in guitar case

The guitar finish is like a mirror

ibanez js2prm electric guitar chromeboy

You can see the reflection of the camera/tripod in this photo

ibanez js2prm electric guitar body chromeboy

Nice contour where the neck bolts on – metal back-plates

ibanez js2prm chromeboy back side body

GOTOH tuners

ibanez js2prm backside headstock

See the Thickness

ibanez js2prm chromeboy flat side

Look How Sexy the JS Series is

ibanez js2prm chromeboy guitar angle shot

How Thick This Joe Satriani Ibanez Is…

ibanez js2prm reverse flat shot guitar

Ibanez JS Series Top View

ibanez js2prm chromeboy guitar top shot

Shiny Joe Satriani Ibanez Headstock

ibanez js2prm chromeboy shiny headstock shot

Look How Beautiful This Guitar’s Abalone Guitar Inlays Are…

ibanez js2prm chromeboy inlays

Close up of the Abalone Inlay

ibanez js2prm chromeboy dot inlay

Chrome Guitar Pickups

ibanez js2prm top shot shiny guitar

Pretty Chrome Switches

ibanez js2prm back shot shiny shot

Original Floyd Rose Tremolo System and Chrome Pickups.

ibanez js2prm electric guitar floyd rose tremolo

Brought to you by GEAR-VAULT.com

ibanez js2prm electric guitar floyd rose tremolo

Brought to you by GEAR-VAULT.com

ibanez js2prm electric guitar floyd rose tremolo

Shiny Ibanez Chromeboy Headstock – JS Series

ibanez js2prm neck and headstock shot

Ibanez Guitar Sitting on Case

ibanez js2prm in guitar case full shot


  1. It’s an amazing guitar with it’s state-of-the-art finish. With that said, it’s just too nice for me. I’m too klutzy for a guitar this nice…

  2. dude!!this guitar is simly incredible!!!
    uhm. just lettin you know that the bridge is WAY to high

  3. Thanks for the comment Joe. How you see it is exactly how it came from Ibanez. The guitar was never played. At least not when I had it. I don’t play $20,000 guitars, I look at them and admire them and share my knowledge. Lol. My personal guitar isn’t less than 60-some-made like the Chrome Boy and it’s only worth about $1,500. I’m not scared to wale-on or abuse that axe.

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