History of Schecter Guitars

Schechter began as a mere guitar repair shop back in 1976 when it was founded. The name comes from David Schecter, one of the founders of Schecter Guitar Research. In its starting years, the company […]

Peavey Guitar Amplifiers

History of Peavey Guitars

Peavey may not have the most recognizable or distinct guitar models, but they’re still among one of the most popular amplifier and electronics manufacturers to date. The company is native to the state of Mississippi […]

Taylor Guitar T5 Classic Guitar

Taylor Electric Guitars

Over the last 35 years, Taylor guitars has amassed a sterling reputation as one of the world’s premier guitar companies. Bob Taylor is widely recognized for bringing innovative refinements to the guitar-making process, and the […]

Clarence Leo Fender guitars

The life of Leo Fender

Before Leo Fender came along, the solidbody electric guitar was little more than a gimmick. No other person did as much to develop this “gimmick” into one of the most important musical instrument of the […]