Fender Authentic Les Paul Standard

Fender ‘Authentic’ Les Paul Standard

Only in the world of “Charlie and The Chocolate Factory” would the guitar-world have such craziness and drama, right? Wrong! We are all too familiar with the recent debacle the past few days–the ongoing internet […]

Gibson Les Paul Junior

Gibson Les Paul Junior Vintage Guitars

Nearly a quarter century before Edward Van Halen brought the idea of the single-pickup solid body guitar screaming into the Eighties, Gibson stumbled upon the fact that a solid slab of wood with one burly-ass […]

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Gibson Les Paul Standard Guitar

Introducing Gibson USA-made Les Paul Standard—an elegant revision of a true legendary crafted instrument, featuring some impressive upgrades over the original model, making this axe even a sweeter player; perhaps the best Les Paul Standard […]

Gibson Melody Maker

Gibson Melody Maker

Gibson’s “Golden Era”—the late 1950s and early 1960s—is best known for the emergence of the company’s iconic Les Paul Standard. But the Les Paul wasn’t the company’s best-selling guitar during this historic period. That title […]


Gibson Les Paul Vintage 1958 Guitar

Here’s a really cool vintage Gibson Les Paul article from GuitarPlayer that was published in 1994. Attached is the photo of the guitar and amp from the article. What’s in a color? Twenty-five grand, maybe […]