Guitar Amplifier Reviews

Egnater Rebel-30 Guitar Amplifier Review

The paradigm for guitar amps has shifted radically in the past several years. Today, players are looking for amp solutions that provide tonal flexibility with good tone at manageable volume levels. For playing at home […]

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Egnater Renegade 65 Amp Head

Plug in to all-tube tone that takes no prisoners! The incredibly versatile Renegade is a 2-channel powerhouse that gives you the tools to forge your sound and the power to move some serious air in […]


Egnater Tourmaster 4100 and 4×12 Cab

For three decades Bruce Egnater has been building and designing amplifiers which have inspired many modern amplifier builders with their balance and serious high-gain tones, and to this day remains a major point of reference […]


Egnater MOD 50 Guitar Amplifier

For many guitarists, collecting amps and pedals is more than just a hobby, it is most likely an obsession. A three by two foot area of your floor filled with assorted stompboxes, combo amps stacked […]