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The Little Amp That Could

Who says heavy-duty sounds only come in big, expensive packages? Three solid-state challengers prove size isn’t everything. Crate Taxi The closest the Crate Taxi will get to a studio is the sidewalk. But from there […]


Crate DX-212 Guitar Amplifier Review

With its brushed copper front panel, big black knobs and jellylike, illuminated keypad, Crate’s digital DX-212 looks like a Sixties vision of the future. The knobs (Master, volume, gain, bass, mid, treble. Channel level, effects […]


Crate and Johnson Marquis Guitar Amplifiers

The ascension of digital modeling technology in amplifier design continues. The latest entries in the tone-cloning competition come from Crate and Johnson, who bring out the contest remarkably similar packages. Both the Crate DX-212 and the Johnson Marquis JM60 arrive in combo format, with easy to tweak knobs in addition to digital keypads, […]