The Seagull S6 Original Q1: A Working Musician’s Friend

seagull-s6-original-acoustic-guitarIf you are looking for a quality acoustic-electric that won’t destroy your budget, look no further than the latest offering from Seagull Guitars. A couple of years ago, Seagull began to improve and supplement their already excellent line-up with re-designed guitars that featured compound curved tops and re-designed precision neck angles. The S6 Original Q1 represents the newest member of the Original Series.

With a solid cedar top and wild cherry sides and back, this guitar sounds vibrant, deeply warm, and altogether crisp. These woods are finished with a semi-gloss lacquer coat. The silver leaf maple neck has a rosewood fretboard, which looks great and reduces finger fatigue. The strings sit on a tusq nut and compensated saddle, and they run into machine heads that are in the in-line configuration that is characteristic of all Seagull guitars.

As for amplification goes, the S6 delivers. Housed within is a L.R. Baggs Acoustic Timbre pre-amp with an equalizer and a Godin Quantum 1 under-saddle ribbon transducer, thereby assuring that the same warmth and clarity that emanates from the unplugged instrument is translated into rich and resilient live sound perfect for any venue; large or small.

At an average price of around $530, this humble but brilliant guitar is something worth getting your hands on. And if you’re like me and you value the way an instrument sounds and performs more than you value the hot fuss and hype that surrounds elite branding, this six-string is a no-brainer. Now go play one and be convinced.

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