guitar lingo buyers guide

Guitar Buyers Guide: Guitar Lingo

You might be reading this because you are shopping to buy your first electric guitar or buying it for someone else, or you’ve been shopping for years but were never quite sure what terms like […]


Choosing the Right Microphone

A microphone’s purpose is to capture sound. Depending on weather you are playing a live show or doing some work in the studio, the microphone can be your best friend; or your worst enemy. Choosing […]


Guitar Value Pack Buyers Guide

A Value Package offers you a “play out of the box” kind of a setup which includes all the equipment and guitar accessories that you will need to get you started, right out of the […]

Electric Guitar Buyers Guide Les Paul

Electric Guitar Buying Guide

Planning to get an electric guitar? Now I know this may seem like a big thing taking all the top brands and everything into consideration, however with a little research and insight you can easily […]