RacketeX Protection Racket Cases


This is neither the first time you’ve read me touting the fine wares that are Protection Racket’s products, nor do I suspect it will be the last. For something as simple as a soft-case you might not expect a whole lot to be said. Well friend, this is where you’re wrong. I expect companies to put forth the best possible effort when they bring a product to market, after all I don’t buy rotten fruit from the farmer’s market, I want the best, the freshest, the brightest! The brightest indeed!

Protection Racket has built quite a name for themselves here in the states and they certainly have gotten my attention, even more so now that they’ve revealed several new colors for their already stunning and sturdy line of instrument bags. The team at P.R. uses super durable 600 denier RacketeX polyester in the plying of their woven wonders. This stuff is tear resistant and 100% waterproof and now is available in three new colors – Emerald Green, Funky Brown and Steel Grey – so you won’t leave your valuable gear behind at the club or concert hall! Brilliant, literally!

Whether it’s your heirloom snare drum that once belonged to your dear-old grand-dad, your hot-rod custom drum-kit, your precious collection of irreplaceable cymbals or just the hunk-of-@#$% you make a living with playing night after night; With Protection Racket’s new vibrant colors, your gear will be leaving with you and not sneaking off with someone else because you left behind what you couldn’t see! I’ve got mine!

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