Victorilux Tube Combo Amp by Victoria Amps

Victorilux Tube ComboWhen it comes to finding a great tube amplifier, you can always rely on certain mainstream companies to give you classic tube tones. Guitarists are notorious for trying to get their own signature sound…but have you noticed that most of them are using the same old amps from the same brands that many other artists are using? Sometimes it sounds like the tired old teen-goth argument, “I’m showing my individuality” when they are, in fact, doing the exact same thing that the next axe slinger is doing…and with the same gear no less. It’s time to start thinking outside of the box.

When you are looking for a great tube sound (that is not a carbon copy of everyone else), look no further than the Victorilux combo amp from Victoria Amps.

The Victorilux is a boutique amp that doesn’t slouch when it comes to tone. It features four EL84 tubes and a pair of 6L6’s, giving you an adequate 35 watts of power. The Victorilux combo also doesn’t leave you trapped with only one configuration (like other name brands do). You can choose to have your Victorilux equipped with either a 15” Eminence Legend, a pair of Jensen P12Q’s, or three (yes, three) Jensen P10R speakers. Of course, these combos come in various sizes to accommodate said speaker setups.

Victoria Amps also built Reverb and Tremolo effects into the amp, giving you more versatility out of the box than many amps in the same price range.

If you are looking for your own unique sound, why do what everyone else is doing? I mean, if your friends were jumping off a cliff…or rather buying the same amp as so-and-so, would you do it, too? Check out the Victorilux from Victoria Amps. Your ears will thank you. Visit Victoria Amplification’s official web site to hear audio samples of the Victorilux.

Victoria Victorilux Tube Combo

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  1. Does the guy that writes these articles know anything about amps. How do you figure the Victorilux comes with 4 EL84’s and 2 6L6’s for a total of 35 watts. Its either one or the other. EL 84’s or 6L6’s. Not both. Mine happens to be the model with 2 6L6’s. And I assure you there are no EL84’s in there.

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