Paul Reed Smith Mira X Electric Guitar

Paul Reed Smith Mira X Electric Guitar

Paul Reed Smith is well-known in the guitar community for crafting high-end and high-quality electric guitars that offer premium performance but also often come with a premium price tag. Many PRS customers willingly absorb the cost, though, because they appreciate the build quality and vibe these guitars offer.

For many players, however, money is an object and owning a USA-made PRS guitar remains only a dream. Well, budget-conscious pickers, rejoice, because the new PRS Mira X maybe just what you have been wishing for, at a price you can afford. The Mira X features a solid African basswood body that is a bit thinner and lighter than the typical PRS, a 24.5-inch Sipo mahogany neck, and a pau ferro fretboard. Hardware and electronics on the Mira X includes a PRS stoptail bridge/tailpiece, locking tuners, dedicated Bass and Treble pickups, a three-way blade-style pickup selector switch, and master volume and tone controls.

What the Mira adds to the PRS product line is a bit of old-school feel, charm, and less-is-more philosophy, which flies on the face of the normal high-line style of guitar they are known for. This will, hopefully attract a whole new breed of player to the PRS family and this also makes for a guitar that is much more affordable than their other guitars, with a retail price of $1999.00. While the more costly PRS guitars are in the same level of quality and performance that the Mira X delivers.

PRS has always had a commitment to quality that many other makers can only dream about, which has been a hallmark of the brand since it launched back in 1985. All Paul Reed Smith axes are made from the finest available woods and components and are often seen in the hands of some of the world’s best guitarists, from Johnny Hiland to Carlos Santana. The Mira X makes it easy and affordable for guitarists to join the elite ranks of PRS users and have a dream machine of their very own.

PRS Mira X Video Review

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