Flying Drum Sticks

We have all seen it before; drummers whipping their drum sticks out into the crowd at the end of a bad ass concert. Generally I think that we all just assume that someone in the […]

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Gibson Les Paul Studio Swirl Guitars

The Les Paul Studio Swirl is a stunning new addition to the popular Studio series, which has been bringing full-fledged Les Paul performance and tone to hard-working musicians since its introduction in 1983. These guitars […]

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Krank REV JR Pro Review

The guitar amp industry is not one with a lot of competition. While there are lots of people that make amps, you’re basically going to find that what most people buy are from names like […]

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In Praise of the Plectrum

The guitar universe has been cut into so many facets as to create spectrums when held up to the proper light, and global empires have been raised and razed while the melancholy chords from their […]

Scott Ian Jackson T-1000 Soloist Guitar
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Scott Ian Jackson T-1000 Soloist Guitar

Anthrax’s legendary axe-man and founding member, Scott Ian, has been playing Jackson guitars most of his professional career. Why? Because Jacksons’ sound and play awesome and are the true definition of metal! Though Ian did […]


Roland Octapad SPD-30 Drum Pad

In the realm of electronic percussion there are few things that are considered legendary. Guitarists have Telecasters and Les Pauls, Marshalls and Big Muffs yet we drummers have very little that we can call a […]