Beer Can Guitar Amplifier

Beer Can Guitar Amp

The first step in building your very own beer can amplifier will be to get an empty can of the beer of your choice. After you have your empty can you will need to remove […]


The Bong-Juana Guitar: ChroniCaster

Here is an older video of Mike Edison, former publisher of High Times, performing on his bong guitar. What Mike is playing (and smoking from) is a guitar named “ChroniCaster“, which is essentially a bong […]

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Godin Velocity Guitar Review With Video

Godin’s success with its line of acoustic-electric guitars has overshadowed the company’s ferocious solidbody guitars. Today we review the Godin’s Velocity electric guitar, with its unique High Definition Revoicer feature, affords an opportunity to discover […]


Malden Subhuman Guitar Review

A macabre black paint job, a creature-inspired body shape and a sinister name don’t automatically qualify a guitar for employment as a metalworker. But if that same shady plank plays with the speed of the […]

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Vox AC30C2 Guitar Amplifier Video Demo

It’s not just the notes you play, it’s the tone you choose. Since 1959, thousands of guitarists have chosen the VOX AC30 for an authentic, honest, style-defining sound. For the purist, Vox offer the all-tube […]


Roland Octapad SPD-30 Drum Pad

In the realm of electronic percussion there are few things that are considered legendary. Guitarists have Telecasters and Les Pauls, Marshalls and Big Muffs yet we drummers have very little that we can call a […]


Vox ToneLab LE Guitar FX

Vox ToneLab LE brings together some of the most soulful guitar tones you’ve ever heard into one compact, easy-to-use processor. In fact, the sounds are so authentic, you’ll think you’re plugged into a collection of […]