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Are Xaviere Guitars JUNK pt2

The positive reviews for GFS pickups was overwhelming excellent. We did, have one comment out of 108 from a G-V reader stating that he thought the GFS pickups were muddy. Obviously, until we can get our hands on some Xaviere guitars for a full, balls-to-the-wall, Gear-Vault review, we cannot recommend or condemn GuitarFetish and Xavier guitars. […]

junk guitars

Are Xaviere Guitars JUNK?

XV-500 is a $209 axe. Not that should justify the fact when you can buy a Squier, Epiphone or an Ibanez for under $200. But can we overlook the fact that many people are really high on GuitarFetish’s GFS pickups? Not that is the be all and end all to what we can determine to what is a decent guitar. Let’s look deeper… READ AT GEAR-VAULT.COM […]