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Jimi Hendrix – The Greatest Guitarist of all Time?

Jimi Hendrix was given the top spot–According to the readers of Time Magazine, Jimi Hendrix was voted the greatest electric guitar player of all time.

Music critic Josh Tyrangiel compiled a list of his top ten best guitarists, which included legends such as Eric Clatopn, Jimmy Page, Chuck Berry and BB King. […]


Top Ten Must Know Rock Guitar Riffs

The guitar riff is central to rock and roll as we know it. A great intro riff identifies and emboldens a song and kicks the band (and the crowd) into overdrive. Rock history is filled with riffs that have changed the world and it is all of our jobs to learn to play as many of these as we can. That’s how we learn what greatness really is and how we absorb the vocabulary needed to craft our own riffs and songs. […]

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DOD, BOSS, and KORG Delay Pedals

Whether it’s Eddie Cochran’s rockabilly slapback or the Edge’s autonomous counter-rhythms, listeners have always marveled at the shimmering textures and depth produced by delay units. And, just as guitarists have found new uses for delay […]

Hendrix Fire Fender Strat Guitar

Hendrix Fire Fender Stratocaster Guitar to Fetch $1.5 Million

On March 31, 1967 was Hendrix’s first alight a guitar-stunt. He famously covered his Fender Stratocaster in lighter fluid at a show that he was booked to open for, Walker Brothers farewell tours, in Finsbury Astoria in London. Jimi Hendrix blitzed the UK audience with a landmark live performance on this night. […]