Ampeg Dan Armstrong Guitar & Bass
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Ampeg Dan Armstrong Guitar & Bass

When Dan Armstrong designed his acrylic-bodied guitars in the late Sixties, his goal was to create an instrument whose rigid, synthetic body would produce a high level of sustain. Whether the experiment was a success […]

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Use Your Illusion – MJ Mirage GT

THE MIRAGE GUITAR WAS nurtured to fruition among the wine-growing valleys of California by MJ Guitar founder and owner Mark Johnson, whose exciting blend of vintage and space-age varieties was a formulated during the 22 […]

Fender Vibro King Amplifier - Vintage guitar amplifiers

Fender Vibro-King Amplifier

Created by Fender’s Custom Shop, the Fender Vibro-King guitar amplifier is a blues-approved vintage Bandmaster configuration with some perfectly appropriate vintage effects. A sound you’re going to love. This amp is on the pricier side. […]


Dimebag and his FURMAN PQ-3

The FURMAN PQ-3 Parametric Equalizer / Instrument Preamp were Furman’s first product in 1976. (Jerry Garcia bought the first one). Now it’s a collectors item still used by top guitarists. Dimebag owned several original PQ-3; […]