V-Picks – The Psycho Guitar Pick

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V-Picks Psycho Guitar PickThis pick is unlike any other guitar pick you have tried. Guaranteed! Laser cut the same size as the Freakishly Large, and 5.85mm thick. The thickness makes the Psycho easy to hold on to because you can keep your hand relaxed and in a more natural position. Plus the mass hitting the string creates a lot of energy and produces much more sound and much better sound. Like all the V-Picks, the Psycho warms up to your touch and clings to your fingers without feeling sticky at all. Sweaty hands and dropped picks? Not with the Psycho V-Pick. Sharp, beveled edge and pointed tips make this pick deliver lots of mids, great low end and precise, bright high end. Due to the material and bevel, this is a very fast action pick. Great for rhythm and lead. Sounds fantastic with single coils or humbuckers as well. Oh, and this thing makes a good bass pick too!

Also, if you have a hand injury and have a hard time holding your picks, you should try a V-Pick Psycho. Many claim V-Picks have given back their ability to play the instrument they love, once again. A lot of our artists refer to our thicker picks as Therapeutic Guitar Picks.

V-Pick Demo 10 Pick Shoot Out

Check out the V-Pick Psycho and all the other model guitar picks at: v-picks.com

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