Schaller Hannes Bridge

Schaller Hannes Guitar BridgeRoland Hannes partners with Schaller-Electronics to bring the guitarworld new innovations.

The newly announced Schaller “Hannes” bridge is claimed to be “the best of all worlds,” and “outstanding combination of sound, innovation and perfection of the highest quality” with “premium standards with no frills.” Well, we can certainly agree on one thing, the sleek design and functionality of this unique bridge is definitely appealing.

How does the bridge fit on the guitar and how does it work? Installation is undeniably fascinating; the bridge sits directly on the guitars surface. It features a separate couple unit for each string, allowing individually adjustable intonation and height. Each string is fed via a separate coupler which is individually adjustable in terms of intonation and height. Access technical details and drawings by going to Schaller’s TZ file.

How does it sound? The design decouples each string from its neighbors, allowing every string vibration to be transferred directly and independently to the body, improving harmonic response and definition.

How does it feel? This is one of my favorite features, no protruding screws, edges or spikes at all and the flat design ensures outstanding playing comfort. Another thing that I find interesting is the bridge features a ‘Graph Tech String Saver’ design; everything is contoured perfectly for the players who like to rest their palm on the bridge. The sharp edge that some bridges have, namely, the Tune-O-Matic, some players, like myself, may have found them a bit uncomfortable. Feels great – Check!

What other benefits come with the Schaller Hammes Bridge? As mentioned above, the ‘Graph Tech String Saver’ saddles are heat-treated high-performance polymers with Teflon, which ensures minimal friction on the string contact points. The Teflon significantly extends guitar string life 15% – 25%.

What’s more, the Hannes Bridge is available in nickel, chrome, gold, black chrome, ruthenium and satin finishes. Price for the Schaller Hannes Bridge is TBD. Learn more about the new Schaller “Hannes” bridge at Schaller’s official website.

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