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Crate Pro Audio PowerForce Speaker Series. The self-contained PowerForce PFR-12 and PFR-15 Speaker systems offer high reliability and power handling with an extraordinary feature array. Versatility being one of those key features, each model functions as a self-contained PA system, main speaker or monitor.

In addition, the coaxial speaker and horn PowerForce system incorporates a 2″ Titanium driver with a 1″ throat for both the 12″ and 15″ speaker versions. This unique design allows for both accurate alignment of the components and size reduction of the enclosure. A fully loaded front mixer panel offers a 2-channel preamp including benefits like level control, 2-band equalizer, phantom power, low cut switch, a 7-band graphic equalizer, and the distinctive PowerForce Active Biamp design.

The PowerForce System also features a range of inputs and outputs to choose from. ¼-inch and dual RCA inputs allow for a CD player or outside sequencer. Plugging an external mixer into the direct input, a user can bypass the internal mixer, therefore utilizing the active biamp system for optimal performance as a monitor or main speaker.

Also available within the PowerForce Speaker Series is the PFRSUB. A highly efficient subwoofer, the PFRSUB incorporates an active crossover, variable from 20 to 200 Hz. Driven by 250-watts of power, the PFRSUB contains a 12-inch dual voice coil, and offers a stand mount for a top speaker, such as the PRF12 or PRF15.


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The CSM-1402 10-channel mixer board packs all the essentials into a small, lightweight and easy-to-use board. Though the CSM-1402 does not offer a lot of the nifty features or extras, it does include everything you need for a live-sound mixer. The board does contains six mic/line inserts (for patching in dynamics processing units, such as compressors). Each of the 4 remaining channels features stereo ¼-inch line inputs, 3-band eq and 2 aux sends. The CSM-1402’s master section consist of 2 stereo and aux returns, master tape inputs and outputs, balanced XLR master stereo outputs and a ¼-inch mono master output.–Discontinued Products

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  1. just bought the new Hartke Hi Drive 5210c and the Hi Drive 15 cab 500 watts power. this thing punches, plenty of power, good clean sound, i play a conklin 7 string plus a zeta 5 uprite fretless oh yes and a fender 5 jazz they all sound great through the system. plus i’m getting old and the weight is a lot less than what i’ve been playing through. try the hi drive it’s a great system.

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