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Buckcherry Keith Nelson Interview

Buckcherry Interview — Ben Bojanich sits down with Keith Nelson, guitarist of Buckcherry for a face-to-face interview.   Read the transcripts below: How would you define Buckcherry’s sound? Keith: I think we’re just a rock […]

Paul Phillips Puddle Of Mudd Ground Zero
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Paul Phillips Puddle Of Mudd – Music Gear [Interview]

Paul showed up on stage during photo shoot and he appeared fascinated with the idea of talking gear for I stood up and shook his had and introduced myself. He was very calm, laid back and relaxed and was sipping on a Diet Coke. We walked off stage to a quiet table near the bar while having some idol chit-chat. The entire venue only had about 15 people in it, who most were responsible of setting up Puddle of Mudd’s equipment. […]