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Rudimental Round-Up Episode #3 – The Drum Flam

The Flam is played by throwing both hands at the same time from two different levels. Huh? Okay, I’ll explain…a Right-Hand Flam has a Left-Hand stroke that occurs just before the Right (LR) and as you’d expect, a Left-Hand Flam has a Right-Hand stroke before it. The trick is to play these “pre-strokes” from a lower stick level than the main stroke but throwing both sticks at the same time. The stick closer to the drumhead is heard just slightly before the main stick’s attack and at a lighter volume […]

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Kiss Gods of Thunder

Kiss is one of those definitive rock and roll bands—y’know, the ones both critics and parents loathe, but the kids love anyway. When looking back over the history of rock, however, one can surely ask […]