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Carvin Jones: An American Blues Guitar Virtuoso

Carvin Jones’ influences were rooted in classic blues. His grandfather listened to records by B.B. King, Albert King and Freddy King. He has no problem venturing out of his chosen genre. From the Creedence and Joe Walsh to Black Sabbath and the Rolling Stones, Carvin will go anywhere that guitarists before him have gone. […]

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Why Won’t The Blues Evolve?

I receive a great many blues CDs to review for the different magazines and websites I contribute to and 90% of them seem to be some sort of attempt to re-create verbatim the type of playing that blues players were laying down 50 years ago. There seems to be little support for artists who want to go beyond the well-established museum style of blues playing and bring this wonderful music into our current century and, just maybe, give it a place in current marketplace […]