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Ibanez Destroyer Bass DTB100 – Bass Guitars

Bass players, your Ebay/Craigslist vintage search may have a surprise ending here: Announcing a limited run of a re-vamped version of the Ibanez Destroyer bass! The Candy Apple Red DTB100 is definitely the extrovert of the Ibanez bass family. Whether you’re looking to get retro-fit, or it’s time to hit your audience with some electro-shock therapy, this may be the Bold Statement that you’ve been looking for. […]

Ernie Ball Music Man Bongo 6 Bass Guitar
Bass Guitars

Ernie Ball Music Man HS Bongo 6 six-string bass review

Totally killer design looks like tomorrow, sounds incredible.

The 6-string MusicMan Bongo Bass Guitar is crafted from select basswood carved into one of the most distinctive electric guitar body styles ever. The MusicMan Bongo is very well balanced and responsive. Features include a super-tight 5-bolt joint to a select maple neck with a rosewood fingerboard. Dual neodymium humbucker pickups with 4-band EQ on 2 concentric knobs and continuous balance provide huge tone with precision command. The Bongo electric bass’s Schaller BM tuners with tapered string posts, easily accessible truss rod, matching headstock, and a graphite acrylic resin-coated body cavity (for supreme noise shielding) add up to true MusicMan luxury. […]

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Ampeg Bass Amps: Ampeg SVT-7PRO and PRO NEO cab

Ampeg bass amps – With over 60 years in the business, Ampeg has become the go-to choice for bass players worldwide. The classic “stack” is nothing short of an icon. The legendary SVT rig endures, but touring bassists are continually pushing the limit when it comes to power and volume. At the same time, they long for a more lightweight, portable setup. Leave it to Ampeg to balance these demands with a new rig that offers extremely high-output, a decided increase in portability and, of course, the legendary Ampeg sound that has shaped the sound of countless bands over the years. […]

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Tom “T-Bone” Wolk 1951-2010

Today the music world mourns the loss of Tom “T-Bone” Wolk, longtime bassist for Hall & Oates and the Saturday Night Live Band. Often seen working in the company of guitarist G.E. Smith, Wolk died of a heart attack February 27, 2010. He was 58 years old. Wolk was a Yonkers, NY native who first came to prominence playing bass on Kurtis Blow’s seminal rap classic “These Are The Breaks,” which was the first rap track to achieve a gold record. […]