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Some people would rather have their left nut removed before suffering the embarrassment of walking on stage with a shiny new gear. Call it what you will, crazy , a phobia, or pure snobbish but if it isn’t vintage or second hand I don’t want it in my possession.

As depressing as this sounds I have spent a great length of time searching the internet and searching in guitar stores for deals on gear. I have taken some hits on some deals but others I scored the deal of a life time. But through my tribunals of my guitar shopping experiences I have learn a lot of lessons that hard way.

But my hard life lessons will be your gain, I try to share some of expertise through the experiences I have faced. And together maybe there is light at the end of tunnel when it can to musical gear.

When talking about “used” music gear and “vintage” gear we are trending in some murky water. Extra caution needs to happen so you don’t get screwed on a deal. Do your homework when buying “vintage”, most likely you won’t be sorry because you will pay for it in the end. For an example some Boss Pedals are made either in Japan or Taiwan, what’s the difference or what is the better buy? Actually both are the same but a guy with a shit load of these pedals in his basement may want you to think that this is a great buy or the pedals made in Taiwan are better quality.

So be aware that there are many deals of this in the used music world. Do your homework and know your shit and a little research on the product you want to buy will only benefit you through your career.


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