Mesa Boogie Mark V amplifier

Mesa Boogie Mark V amplifierMesa Boogie Mark V is the hottest-hit package in the guitar world for tone–It’s like having the most ultimate recreation of all of Mesa’s most legendary amplifiers–such as the Mark I, IIC+ and IV–all bundled up into one guitar amplifier, along with extra bonuses like its all-new British-inspired circuits, and bias selectable power tube application from either 6L6 or EL34–you can run EL34’s in the outside pair and 6L6 in the inside pair within the 4 power tube slots.

Mark V features Mesa / Boogies’ legendary patented Simul-Class power amp with Multi-Watt and Duo-Class technologies, which provide three operating class options that are channel assignable via 10/45/90 Watt Power Switches–choose 2 power tubes operating in pure vintage Class A, producing 10-watts – 2 tubes running in time-honored Class A/B producing 45-watts or 4 tubes running in Simul-Class Power that blends Class A and Class A/B simultaneously to produce 90-watts of pure tonal magic. Having this much flexibility is like having three different amplifiers on hand that can produce the perfect amount of juice for any musical application.

The Mark V boasts three fully independent channels, each with three distinct modes, and a five-band graphic EQ that’s footswitchable and channel assignable. For full control of rhythm and lead volumes, the solo level and output level controls are also footswitchable over all channels when activated. Finally, a true hard-bypass switch removes effects loop, output level and solo level controls from the signal path for true tube-tone. If you’re looking for the best of Boogies tones, you won’t find a better or hotter option than Mesa Boogies‘ new Mark V.

Street Price: head, $1999; tx12 combo, $2099

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