JackTight Review: Guitar Repair Tool

Guitar input jack repair toolEver had an issue with the input jack on your guitar, bass, or amplifier coming loose? Sometimes, it can be a real pain. Fear no more! The all-new JackTight is here to save the day!

The JackTight, made by guitar instructor Chris Shahin of San Jose, CA, is a new innovative tool that allows the inside of any guitar jack to be held in place while tightening the nut on the outside. We all know how irritating it is when your guitar jack begins to come loose, worsening the connection between your cable and your guitar. By simply slipping the JackTight into your guitar’s input, you can hold it in place, stopping the twist and pull of the wires that create the necessary connection when attempting to tighten a jack.

While I believe this tool is progressive in the realm of guitar repair gizmos, I’m not completely sure it’s real strength lies in what it’s being marketed as. When the jack on my Tele Deluxe begins to get loose, I simply pop on a quarter inch socket and give a turn or so and it’s good to go. The JackTight seems irrelevant for my situation. Though, one situation where it has a great benefit is when you have a jack that’s mounted to the guitar’s pickguard. Once this type of mounted jack falls through the pickguard, it becomes impossible to get to without taking the pickguard off. This can be a HUGE PAIN. With the JackTight, simply slip it in, tighten it up, and pull your input jack back to the surface. Once there, then the prime reason for the JackTight’s conception is seen when you have something to hold the jack in place while twisting on the nut.

I have mixed feelings about the product, but I can’t deny that it doesn’t work. It’s pretty inventive, useful, and does exactly what it says it will. The only other thing I don’t understand is that you need a wrench to use it. Without a wrench (shown in pictures whilst using the JackTight) the thing is useless. This makes the tool less marketable to some musicians who don’t have or simply cannot find a wrench buried in the garage or tool box (like I could not find when I received it.) Maybe it should be shipped with a small, inexpensive wrench? This may set it a step ahead of the game.

At a modest MSRP of $16.99, I’ll leave it up to you to decide if it’s pricey or not. Some people are going to say, “This is exactly what I’ve been looking for!” while others will state, “Meh, I’m not so sure about this one.” Either way, the JackTight was a good idea. If you need something to hold your input jack in place, this will do it. Where to buy it? Check out JackTight.com for more info.

JackTight Guitar Repair Tool Review

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