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Buckcherry Keith Nelson Interview

Buckcherry Interview — Ben Bojanich sits down with Keith Nelson, guitarist of Buckcherry for a face-to-face interview.   Read the transcripts below: How would you define Buckcherry’s sound? Keith: I think we’re just a rock […]

Bass Guitars

Best Bass Guitar Strings?

Some people change them before every gig, some never change them. Some keep a huge supply of favorites; some use only one kind and go get them when they need them. So, what am I […]


LP Top-Tuning Congas

We all have those moments when we pop ourselves on the fore head and say “Duh!” why didn’t I think of that? Well it seems the engineering team over at Latin Percussion are breaking out […]


Electro-Harmonix Memory Boy Toy Analog Delay Guitar Pedals

Deluxe Memory Boy — The latest in the proud heritage of EH analog delays. Tap tempo delivers a magnificent “human lock” letting you stay in sync with the groove. The effects loop provides synchronous animation that redefines pedalboard flexibility. Expression pedal input offers added control over every key performance parameter. This locked and loaded prodigy carries its lineage proudly! […]