Beginner Guitar Chords Lesson – 3 String Chords C, G and D7

Beginner Guitar Chords LessonWhen we start learning to play the guitar we do it for one reason, to learn chords. After all songs are made up of chords right? Of course if you’re a beginner yourself and have tried learning chords you can probably vouch for just how difficult it can be to make those shapes, keep your fingers on the strings without blunting those below them and so fourth.

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In today’s beginner guitar lesson I want to introduce you to some easy to form chords you can practice right away. These are 3 string chords and only require you to strum the G, B and high E strings. There’s a video at the end of this lesson that will allow show you the shapes being made up close.

Let’s get started.

3 String C Chord

E — 0 —
B — 1 —
G — 0 —
D — X —
A — X —
E — X —

Above is the tab for the 3 string C chord you’re going to learn. The X’s denote strings that are not played, the 1 on the B string signifies that you press on the first fret of that string and the zero’s on the G and E strings signify that you play those strings open.

3 String G Chord

E — 3 —
B — 0 —
G — 0 —
D — X —
A — X —
E — X —

Above is the tab for the 3 string G chord. Like the C chord, the X’s stand for strings not to be strummed. This chord requires you to press the 3rd fret on the high E string and strum the G, B and E strings.

3 String D7 Chord

This chord is a little more technical and will require you to practice the shape and hand positioning a little more then the other two since you use 3 fingers to make this chord.

E — 1 —
B — 2 —
G — 1 —
D — X —
A — X —
E — X —

Notice how the tab for this chord has 3 numbers on it. You must press on the first fret of the E string, 2nd fret of the B string and first fret of the G string. Watch the video below to get a better understanding of which fingers you should use to make this chord.


After you watch the accompanying video with this lesson I suggest you grab your guitar and first try making each of these chords. The D7 will be the most difficult. Spend a couple of days practicing the chords then try the strumming exercise I explain in the video. This will help you strum and switch your fretting hand positions at the same time. Take your time with this as it can be frustrating when you’re first starting out.

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