Troubleshooting Peavey 5150 Guitar Tube Amp

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Peavey 5150

I have a Peavey 5150 half stack…My Lead Gain is usually set on 6 and I use the High Gain input. When I play a muted E, B or A, a crackling sound occurs that fades with the signal. Also, when turned up to stage volume and striking a muted A, the back of the cabinet vibrates against the inside supporting beam. How do I solve these problems?

Tube amps—Ya love ‘em, ya hate ‘em. The crackling sound you describe sounds like it’s coming from one of three probable sources. The preamp tubes—little glass vacuum bottles with tiny metal bits inside you beat the shit out of playing “Poundcake.” Switch them with our spares. (Repeat after me: “I must carry spare tubes and fuses…I must carry spare tubes and fuses…I must carry spare tubes and fuses…”) If this doesn’t work, it’s off to the warranty center where the amp will be checked for faulty capacitors or a “cold” solder joint. As far as the sound post in your cabinet is concerned, I too am in love with the “Resonance” control in the 5150—lots of bass and no flab. I would most likely run it all the way up, all the time, as you probably are. The only cure for this is to screw the back cabinet to the center post. But attempting to do this yourself may well void your warranty, plus you only get one shot at drilling the hole in the right spot. Seek professional help.

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