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Malmsteen Gets a Marshall YJM100 Valve Head

Marshall YJM100 Signature Valve Amplifier is something like a dream for guitarists like me. It’s a near clone of the 1959 Marshall Plexi that Malmsteen has made a staple of his arsenal. Though, this baby’s got some features that really got me interested. First of all, it has reverb […]

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Seymour Duncan Yngwie Malmsteen YJM Fury Single-coil Pickups

No other guitarist unleashes the fury like Yngwie J. Malmsteen. His influence is undeniable, his technique unparalleled. So, when a legendary axe-slinging metal virtuoso like Yngwie says he wants to take his tone to the next level, we listen. After hundreds of hours of intense tone pursuit, we proudly unleash the STK-S10 YJM Fury. […]

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Lashbrook LTH-1 Electric Guitar

Larry Lashbrook is a Florida legend for both his 45 years of master Luthier, set ups, repairs and making high-end, hand made, custom built guitars. Lashbrook is a passionate inventor and musical equipment icon. […]