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Rare Randy Rhoads solo video footage surfaces

Randy Rhoads fans, here’s some unseen video footage that recently surfaced. As a huge randy Rhoads fan, whenever some unseen audio or video is discovered, it’s like finding the Holy Grail. And so it is, apparently, with the below video of Randy Rhoads performing an extended (7:50) solo from 1979 with his former band, Quiet Riot […]

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Ronnie James Dio : 1942 – 2010 – RIP

Gear-Vault is sad to report the passing of a true rock legend. Ronnie James Dio, noted heavy metal vocalist with Rainbow, Black Sabbath, and his own band, Dio, has succumbed to the stomach cancer he announced publicly late in 2009. His wife, Wendy, released this statement – GO TO GEAR-VAULT.COM TO READ ENTIRE STORY […]

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Randy Rhoads “Over the Mountain” Guitar Tone

It’s been a long time since Randy Rhoads left us but there are many who still rave about his characteristic crunch. Randy had a slight different sound from album to album but it usually had a sort of thin and bright, nasally tone. He carried quite a few guitars but was usually seen with his Les Paul and of course his famous polka-dotted flying V […]

Ozzy Osbourne New Album
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Ozzy Osbourne Wants to Make Two New Albums

Ozzy is 60 years old, and has essentially proven to be the “godfather of heavy metal.” Osbourne’s professional music career started at the age of 20 with Black Sabbath. Ozzy’s first band was namely, “Rare Breed”, which was started with schoolmates; Toni Iommi (guitar riff-meister), Geezer Butler (bass) and Bill Ward (percussion). […]