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Top 10 Guitar Riffs Of The 1980s

Top 10 Guitar riffs by — I would have ‘Sweet Child o’ Mine’ up further and Rush, ‘Limelight’ removed in favor of Metallica’s cover versions of Diamond Head’s ‘Am I Evil?’. Review these top […]

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Easy Guitar Songs For Beginners

While you are at the absolute beginner stage of learning electric guitar, it is very important to learn full songs. Besides the obvious – that you can play the songs you learn for your friends – playing actual songs instead of scales or chord changes is mandatory, because it will make you a better player. You can’t learn timing and foot-tapping by drilling scales; you can’t learn strumming patterns by changing chords all the time. Things like these come only from playing songs—and playing them a lot. This article will show and explain how to play easy guitar songs […]

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Easy Guitar Songs To Play

Easy Guitar Songs – All of the listed guitar songs are easy to play, even if you’ve just started playing guitar. The more I play guitar, the more I’ve realized that sometimes the most enjoyable things to play are also the easiest. I guess that’s why they call it playing guitar right? […]