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Gibson B.B. King Lucille Limited Guitar

Each Gibson Gem Series B.B. King Lucille comes complete with a Gibson Custom hardshell case, a special color-matched Certificate of Authenticity, a The Best of B.B. King Christmas Collection CD, and The B.B. King Treasures: Photos, Mementos & Music from B.B. King’s Collection, a 160-page hardcover book. […]

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Stetsbar Professional Guitar Tremolo Systems

Electric guitars either come with tremolo systems or they don’t, right? Sure, people have slapped aftermarket Bigsbys on any number of different guitars post-purchase (and I did see a real ’59 Les Paul with a Stratocaster bridge and trem routed into it at a guitar show once), but, for most players, trems are something that guitars are either born with or without. Well, folks, those days are over, thanks to the good people at Stetsbar Professional Tremolo Systems. […]

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Gibson ’59 ES-335 Reissue

When Gibson’s legendary ES-335 was born in 1958, it was hailed as an innovated instrument – and was a guitar of an instant hit with players alike. The revolutionary design managed to offer guitarists the best of both hollow body archtop and solid body design since it had all the meat & potatoes of a classic jazz guitar; a maple block positioned at the centre of the body help resist against acoustical feedback. Ingenious […]