The end is near for Harmony-Central 2.0?

Harmony-Central (BETA). The information we are receiving about the new changes are not very favorable. In fact, some loyal Harmony-Central users are not holding back about voicing their opinions; some are even pissed over the new 2.0 changes and have called the new changes a “downgrade“.

After looking over the screen shots posted by the Harmony-Central staff (see images below), I agree with the loyal Harmony-Central members on this one. The new look does not look very user-friendly or interesting to me. Then again, it’s really hard to make a fair judgment call until you can actually try it out for yourself. Harmony-Central expects the new “downgrade” to be officially launched on January 8, 2010.

So that makes me wonder how do you feel about the new Harmony-Central 2.0 change? Will you migrate to a new gear forum like (which specialize in guitars, drums, keyboard, recording, PA, music, guitar amplifiers and more..), or will you deal with Harmony-Central 2.0 forum? — Leave your comments below or go to Gear-Monkey Message Forum to discuss.

Harmony-Central 2.0 Online Poll


  1. I saw the layout a couple of days ago and it really seems poorly designed… That’s a shame for Harmony Central. I used to read the HC forums a lot, and participate a little bit. I’m afraid that the new design will kill the fun, if it remains the same. Not that the current design is much better but it actually plays its role of letting the community express. I’m afraid that this 2.0 version will kinda dilute the community aspects of HC instead of enhancing the possibilities offered to the people to communicate. But that’s my two cents, and I wish them all the best for the future.

  2. looked at new beta…terrible..designed by idoits..will no longer use HC.will find another web site for equipment reviews. will NOT support advertisers of new HC web site!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Was a massive fan and user of HC, how can you take something so good and make it so bad? R.I.P HC.

  4. The new HC is a total bomb. I cannot even figure out how to post any equipment on it for sale.

    We also need all of the old user reviews of equipment.

    The new HC is f**k**!

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