Schaller Hannes Guitar Bridge

Schaller Hannes Bridge

Roland Hannes partners with Schaller-Electronics to bring the guitarworld new innovations. The newly announced Schaller “Hannes” bridge is claimed to be “the best of all worlds,” and “outstanding combination of sound, innovation and perfection of […]


Fishman Rare Earth Acoustic Guitar Pickups

For years; acoustic guitars have been trying to perfect a system of amplifying their “unplugged” styling without the use of a microphone. Though many guitars these days come with built-in piezo electric transducers (i.e. pickups), […]


Guitar String Breakage

I’m the happy owner of an Epiphone Les Paul Custom, with one exception: my high E string breaks about once every two days, the B string breaks about every five days, and today my A […]


Jenson P10R Speaker Review

If one of your guitar-playing buddies walks up to you and says, “I’ve got the blues,” it could mean one of three things: he just found out his girlfriend’s nick-name is “Back Door Bertha,” he’s […]

Tech Ed

What’s Tremolo and how does it work?

Tremolo suffers from an acute identity crisis. Thanks to various descriptive errors made in the Fifties, tremolo is frequently mistaken for vibrato. For the record, tremolo is a rhythmic pulse produced by a change in […]