Rise and Fall of DOS – Carparelli S2 Les Paul Style Guitar No Mo!

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Dot On Shaft Guitars, which has quickly become Canada’s fastest-growing maker of fretted instruments, continues its conquest of the music industry with the launching of its very own record label, DOS Records. The label, a subsidiary of Dot On Shaft/Carparelli Guitars, will join the company’s two brick-and-mortar retail stores, its online store, and its music academy and makes Dot On Shaft Canada’s first guitar maker to open a record company.

DOS is quickly becoming a major player in the Canadian music scene and the new record label will only add to that reputation. Dot On Shaft founder Mike Carparelli told Gear-Vault “It was inevitable to launch DOS Records seeing that over the past years we’ve received so much unsolicited music from artists around the world. The logical next step was to find the right people and launch another dream!” DOS VP Paul Merryweather will assist in this, utilizing his own experience and contacts within the music industry.

Dot On Shaft Records / Label

DOS Records will run its main operations out of Toronto, Ontario but is interested in more than Canadian bands. The label wants to hear any bands that feel they deserve a chance to be heard, no matter if they are from down the block or from the other side of the world.

Bands can submit through the DOS Records website, www.dosrecordlabel.com, which the company hopes will become a go-to web destination for aspiring musicians, as the site will also provide up-and-comers access to all aspects of record production, including audio and video recording, producers, engineers, songwriters, and studios. The goal of the label is to expose and celebrate new independent music and a world-wide level.

The label officially opened its doors in June, 2009 with the album release of its first signed band, littleSUNDAY. Dot On Shaft also endorses many fine musicians, including Lucas Rossi, Suzie McNeil, and Mick Box, guitarist for 70’s legends Uriah Heep.

Dot On Shaft Dos-Kraken TE-Custom Guitar

Dated August 15, 2009

Dot On Shaft Dos-Kraken TE-Custom GuitarDot On Shaft Guitars is quickly becoming Canada’s online guitar store and guitar company. Founded by Mike Carparelli in 2005, DOS delivers on its vision of total customer satisfaction and produces a guitar for every level of budget and player and offers designs that are truly unique. One of their cooler instruments is the DOS-Kraken TE-Custom. Based around a classic T-style body shape with a rock and roll-approved reverse headstock, the Kraken is an up-to-date and sophisticated take on an iconic type of guitar. Additions to the Kraken include a AAAA flame maple top, a AAAA birdeye maple neck, and a pair of Kraken Custom pickups, the TE-1N and TE-1B. They also include a Graphtech nut, a Wilkinson WT3 bride, and Grover locking tuners. All this is wrapped up in a beautiful Tiger Eye finish and an included hard case.

The Kraken TE-Custom is a great example of how the use of the finest available components and craftsmanship creates an instrument of the highest playability and aesthetic beauty. It is clear that DOS places their players and customers first, by the way they make their guitars and by the reasonable prices they ask for them. The Kraken retails for $1499.00, which makes it a real steal for anyone in the market for this sort of guitar. If, perhaps, you are looking for a new guitar and are tired of the same old axes that have been on the market for 50 years, check out the Kraken or, for that matter, anything in the Dot on Shaft line. You may find them, as many players currently are, a new favorite and a breath of fresh air.

Update February 12, 2010:

Dot On Shaft Close Shop

Formerly known as Dot on Shaft guitars. This guitar is the original DOS Carparelli S2 before Mike Carparelli officially dropped the DOS brand to go by Caparelli Guitars, exclusively.

The company has boomed since their inception and their popularity continues to grow worldwide. This is a top of the line guitar with all the proper appointments and looks.

The Carparelli has the Michael Kelly Patriot -style neck heal, which makes playing very comfortable. I can’t seem to track what Korean factory this guitar is crafted, my guess is either where Schecter Guitars have their axes produced or the factory where Agile Guitars are crafted. The playability is as nice as any Agile or Gibson Les Paul I have ever played, but I do think the price is bit high @ $1,400 for an imported guitar. Check out the images below.

Carparelli S2 No Mo

Carparelli S2 Guitar

les paul style guitar


  1. I agree 1400 is to high for an import guitar!Since it kind of looks like a Les Paul maybe they are following Gibson’s example&put a much to high price tag on their guitars?I will say that chances are it’s made better than Gibsons are now days!

  2. I am the proud 2nd owner of a beautiful Carparelli LF 551 Double Cut Custom. From the grover tuners to the upgraded “hand wound” Carparelli humbuckers, this rig feels, and more importantly, plays better than any Gibson I have ever handled. The idea that $1400 (with fitted case) is too high, just because it is not “made in the USA” is just wrong. The fit, finish, and quality control is all high end. And, Carparelli does design and build most of the custom shop line here in Canada.

  3. I have an S3 and couldn’t be happier. This is one wicked guitar. Last thing I need is another guitar but glad I got this one. I’m sold and will be buying more Carparelli’s. Best deal out there!

  4. Hi folks,

    This is Frank from Germany, sorry about my english. I recently cought a DOS S2 in “pearl white” on Ebay. This is not only an extremly good looking guitar,
    but it’s extremely well built too. For me, it does’nt matter, where it was built. South Korea is a hightech country with many top luthiers and “state of the art” equipped factories. There is no reason why guitars “made in USA” should be better quality than those. Talk to my highly regarded german luthier, who does repairs on my guitars, and he will complain especially about how brand new “Gibsons” come out of the factory right into his workshop. It’s less expensive building guitars in Asia and that’s why those guitars can be sold for less money. That’s all! So we should be glad to get well made and good sounding guitars that can compete with the big names from USA and often beat them! I cannot speak for all “Caparrellis” – they sell low end guitars too – but my “DOS S2” is a cannon. I love it!!! Regards to all of you. Frankie

  5. They are nice playing guitars that were set-up well from the store. They were made in Korea I believe, which is, in my opinion, the best import guitar manufactures. You can do some simple mods to your guitar and make it elite. Swap out the tuner keys and pickups. They are made out of some good solid wood that provide nice tone. I suspect these guitars are made where Agile and Michael Kelly guitars are made.

  6. I bought a dos s2 number 003, I don’t know much about it, exept that it is an amazing instrument.
    If anyone can tell me more about it I would appreciate it greatly. Thanks Tim

  7. I have this Guitar in the Natural Color. It is Very Beautiful . I got Mine For $550 Canadian When They Were Selling Out. I Think I Got An Awesome deal

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