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Acoustic Guitars

Parkwood PW-510 dreadnought acoustic guitar

The sound is what you would expect out of a rosewood back & side guitar. Deep bass with clean crisp highs. It is both dark from the rosewood and bright at the same time. Single note runs are clear and strummed chords are beautifully blended together. While higher end guitars sound a little deeper & smoother, there is a good fundamental sound to the Parkwood and it has some nice overtones to it (although the overtones aren’t very prominent). For comparison sake, I’ve owned a Breedlove AD20/SR+ (solid back/laminate sides), an Alvarez PD90S (solid back/laminate sides), and tried an Alvarez MD90C (all solid rosewood). In terms of sound, I prefer them in this order: Parkwood, Alvarez MD90C, Alvarez PD90S, and then the Breedlove AD20/SR+. Of these guitars, the Parkwood is the loudest. While the Breedlove was nice, it sounded too muffled like someone turned down the volume on it. The Alvarez’s were nice and maybe a little nicer when fingerpicked (due to the Englemann spruce top), it was a little lacking when strummed hard. I’ve owned some higher end rosewood guitars, but in terms of price, it wouldn’t be fair to include them. I’ve also tried a Chinese made Guild with solid rosewood back and sides and was not very impressed. The thick finish seemed to deaden the sound. I would rank the Parkwood ahead of that one as well. […]