Line 6 G30


Gear-Vault and Line 6 have teamed up to offer a FREE RELAY G30 giveaway for our dedicated GEAR-VAULT readers. All you need to do is subscribe to eNews & Updates, and leave a comment as to what instrument you play, style of music you enjoy, and how many years you’ve played on — Yes, it really is that simple! […]

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Kelly Shu Kick-drum Microphone shock-mount

Miking a bass drum seems simple enough, but as anyone who has tried can tell you, you either can or you can’t. In general Bass frequency can get lost and muddy in a mix. Take a lean out the window in my neighborhood and the next ’68 Impala to drive by will prove my point. The problem isn’t the drum, or the microphone, but the mic placement! […]

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DBZ Guitars: Snake Skin Venom guitar poised to strike

The Venom Snake Skin represents a new standard in guitar design and encourages Zelinsky to continue expanding on his 30-plus years of innovation. The Venom Snake Skin guitar is an art form brought to life by artisans who meticulously airbrush and hand finish each guitar to the finest detail – a true milestone and a symbol of his extensive guitar building career that started back in 1976. […]