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Gibson Angus Young SG Hands-On Review

Angus’ original go-to axe was a red ’68 SG Standard with a Lyre vibrato tailpiece, which he swapped out for a more string-stabilizing fixed tailpiece. Gibson’s new Angus Young SG reflects that modification, as well as other “wish list” items that comprise the AC/DC lead guitarist’s ultimate SG. Gear-Vault Guitar Reviews […]

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Is Angus Young Overrated?

Angus Young has used Gibson SGs in various forms (his original, and the basis for his current signature model, was a 1970–72 SG) throughout his career. Angus also uses a Gibson 1991 SG Junior. With his various SGs Angus also uses a 1962 Gibson Les Paul (SG). He also used a modified version of the SG called the Jaydee SG, which was made custom for Angus by Jaydee guitars.[8] The Jaydee SG featured signature lightning bolt inlays on the fretboard. Gibson made a custom SG for Angus with lightning bolt inlays to replace the Jaydee SG. […]