Taylor Guitar T5 Classic Guitar

Taylor Electric Guitars

Over the last 35 years, Taylor guitars has amassed a sterling reputation as one of the world’s premier guitar companies. Bob Taylor is widely recognized for bringing innovative refinements to the guitar-making process, and the […]

Acoustic Guitars

The Loar LH-700 Hand Carved Archtop Guitar

The Loar releases an outstanding classic design archtop guitar that is elegantly hand-carved by their selected team of master luthiers; birthing handcrafted guitars at The Loar Hand Carved Workshop. The Loar’s new outstanding hand carved, […]

Acoustic Guitars

Larrivee OM-3R Review

It’s a well-known fact that if you spend a few thousand dollars on an acoustic guitar, you’re more than likely going to come away with a high-quality, exceptional-sounding instrument. But in the last few years […]

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Fernandes Nomad Deluxe

With its Nomad Standard, Fernandes managed to pack a speaker and five-watt amp into a tiny, bean-shaped guitar body. Designed as a self-contained electric travel guitar, the Nomad Standard offered all the benefits of full-size […]

Acoustic Guitars

B.C. Rich Unplugged Acoustic B30-C Guitar

When you think of B.C. rich, you think of Warlocks, Biches, Mockingbirds, and Seagulls—but not acoustic guitars. Nevertheless, Bernie Rico started out making acoustics in the late 1960s and early ‘70s, long before his name […]

Transducer anthem-acoustic-pickup-split-saddle
Acoustic Guitars

EPM Acoustic Guitar Transducers

So you and the band decided to make like Travis Meeks and cash in on the acoustic craze. Problem is, the group just depleted its bank account buying new acoustic guitars, not too mention a […]