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Acoustic Guitars

NAMM 2011: Trace Elliot Trace Acoustic Amps

Trace Elliot revolutionized the world of acoustic instrumentation with its original TA Series. Trace Elliot brought studio-quality acoustic reproduction to the stage through designs that incorporated very high-impedance (piezo pickup) inputs, notch filters, phantom power, DSP effects and Dynamic Correction, unique circuitry that reproduces the sparkling top end of an acoustic instrument without relying on high-frequency horns […]

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Marshall AS100D 2×8 Acoustic Guitar Amp

Marshall name has long been associated with high quality amps, and the Marshall AS100D 2×8 Acoustic Combo Amp is no exception to this general expectation. The Acoustic Combo amp is designed for use with a variety of acoustic instruments, allowing you to turn the volume up on anything that you play. The controls are specifically designed for use with an acoustic instrument, and will produce a clear sound even if played with a microphone […]